SEO for Roofing Contractors

SEO for Roofing ContractorsYou are a roofer who does quality work at a fair price. You also offer customer service that is unlike any other. Great! So how do you get the word out? SEO for roofing contractors. Let us help you get your business found on the internet by the people you want to reach. Be found. Stand out!

Roofing is a diverse trade. Maybe your bread-and-butter is flat roofs for commercial buildings. Maybe you specialize in affordable roof repair for homes. Some even offer high-end slate, tile and metal coverings. The fact is, if you want people to find you, you need a strong internet presence.

SEO for Roofing Contractors

Did you know that 75 percent of people search for the things they need on the internet first? Chances are that you do it, too – from trade supplies to Friday night pizza. But it’s no longer enough to just throw up a website, even an attractive one. You need to have it search engine optimized (SEO) correctly.

  • When you partner with us to optimize your current website, you will be exposed to more potential customers.
  • If you don’t have a website, we can create one that grabs attention and guarantees measurable results. How does being easily found for 20 keywords or more sound? That’s our absolute minimum and that is guaranteed in writing – or you get your money back.

Stand Out from the Crowd
Roofing is one industry that is nearly recession-proof. Even if new construction is down, there are always repairs to be done. And there are always tornadoes and hurricanes. And there are always new companies springing up to compete with you.

The roof industry is expected to grow another 18 percent by 2020. Stand out from the others. Call FrontRunner for information, advice and results you can actually see.

We work with the foremost search engine optimization pros in the world to:

  • Get you to the first page of Google without paying additional advertising fees.
  • Get you “found” for 20, 50 even 1,000 of the most-searched words and phrases.
  • Target the income level, cities and roofing markets you’re going after.

Birmingham, AL SEO for Roofing ContractorsHow do we do this?
Our marketing department gets to know your business, your goals and your unique selling points. Are you certified by a manufacturer? Do you offer 24/7 storm damage repair? Are you family-owned? Whatever makes you unique, we will find out and bring it to the search engines’ attention.

Our researchers take the information we’ve gathered and select keywords that highlight your best features. Often these are not what you think. Elastomeric coatings may be a term you use every day, but people outside the trade are more likely to search rubber roofing. We think about how ordinary people search and use that information to bring you quality leads.

Our writers are good researchers themselves. They turn your information into content that serves two purposes: it makes people want to call you and brings it to the attention of search engines.

Our technical team creates or refreshes your website, building links from page to page that Google approves of. Search engines are very strict about links and will quickly knock your rankings if you misuse links. We build connections properly and above-board.

Sometimes, there are glitches and miscalculations. Our customer service team will rush to fix any problems and work hard to make things right. When Google changes what it “likes” to see (what insiders call analytics), our staff and advanced software make adjustments fast. That way, you are always at the top of the rankings.

Get New Business through SEO
Other companies can promise to help you be found for “thousands” of keywords, but the truth is you don’t want to be found all over the USA for work you don’t do. They may promise to be the cheapest, but like roofing, you get what you pay for.

We write content just for you, optimize it just for you, and monitor it constantly for success. We guarantee people will find you on the first page of Google organically – that means you don’t pay extra to advertise.

Give us a chance to show you how we can “raise the roof” on your sales. Call FrontRunner for the real deal on SEO.

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