SEO for Contractors

SEO for Contractors in Birmingham, ALThe market is tight and you want to find ways to stand out. You want to get your name out there where everyone is searching: on the internet. SEO for contractors in Alabama is a long-term strategy that can net you hundreds or thousands of new leads a year without purchasing expensive ads. We guarantee our results or you don’t pay.

How Good is Your Current Website?
You may have a website, and you might be proud of how it looks. But if it isn’t search engine optimized, it isn’t getting you the results you want.
Think about it: How will people find your site out of all your competitors out there on the Web? Through expert SEO for contractors! Our optimization generates new business by driving more traffic to your website. Not just more traffic, but meaningful leads:

  • It points people directly to you by positioning your website toward the top of search engine front pages.
  • Our SEO allows people to find you by using at least 20 to 25 common-sense search terms – the words and phrases people Google when they need what you offer. The phrases that work may surprise you.
  • It can be geo-targeted to specific areas you want to reach, both existing markets and new markets. People want to find contractors fairly close to home.

A Personalized SEO Strategy
There are about 10,000 licensed general contractors in the state of Alabama. Your business is unique, and your SEO should be, too. Our website marketing experts take a highly personal approach. Our marketing department gets to know you, your services, your plans and your unique selling proposition. We find out:

  • What makes you stand out from the rest? We will find out and shine a spotlight on it through well-crafted copy-writing.
  • What do you offer that your competitors don’t? We will create keywords and build Google-approved links to take people right to you.
  • What will drive people to your website and compel them to act? We analyze what will make them more likely to pick up the phone, fill out your Contact Us box or whatever way you prefer to make a connection.

Birmingham, AL SEO for Contractors

Why Not Just Buy Leads?
If you’re buying leads, you are paying too much and not reaching as many potential customers. The big lead-sellers basically pit you directly against your competitors without giving potential customers anything but price to go on – not quality, not experience, not customer service. When someone clicks “submit,” the race is on: you and dozens of others will be alerted. Then it’s a quick pitch and a price war. What usually happens is the low bidder wins. Your message gets lost and your profit margin gets creamed if you do get the job. Can you afford that over the long term?

Affordable Optimization
SEO for contractors in Alabama is far more cost effective. The average per-lead price can be only about a dollar; buying them can cost $100 to $300 or more – each!

Get Found Quickly
Our optimization strategy guarantees that you will be among the top results in organic searches. The good news about that is that 91 percent of people automatically trust non-paid websites more than paid ones. Automatic advantage!

Get Results for Your Type of Business
Get more quality leads geared toward your kind of industry. We can show you proven, hard numbers to back up our success stories. Call us to learn more about:

  • SEO for contractors in Alabama
  • SEO for remodeling companies
  • SEO for painting contractors
  • SEO for pool builders
  • SEO for landscapers and tree experts
  • SEO for plumbers – and much more

Our Technical Advantage
How do we do what we do? We not only create keywords that matter, we change with the times. Did you know Google changes the rules for what is “good” and “bad” SEO? It did so 500 times in 2010. That means what works one month will not necessarily work the next. Who can keep up with that? We do!

Our advanced, proprietary software allows us to make tweaks to your site so your pages stay at the top of Google. Any one of our skilled team members can make these changes quickly and easily, assuring you the process works and your traffic is monitored constantly.

If glitches come up or if we make a mistake (it happens), we fix it immediately. And if you are not satisfied with the results you’re getting and we can’t fix it, we give you money back.

A Clear Difference
Turn to the company that offers proven SEO for contractors in Alabama. We offer excellence in customer service; keywords based on facts and logic, not voodoo; affordability; and fully guaranteed results. Learn more by calling now!

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