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Internet Marketing AlabamaSearch Engine Optimization – SEO for short – is a buzzword that we’re sure you have heard of, but it is also one of the most misunderstood methods of website marketing. In the right hands, it is one of the strongest yet most affordable way to get new business from the internet.

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Turn to FrontRunner, an internet marketing company whose sole mission is to get measurable results for small business owners just like you.

What is Search Engine Optimization?
SEO is the proper use of keywords – ordinary words used to search for things on the Internet – to help potential clients find you quickly and give you a call. The process uses keywords in such a way that popular search engines will “rank” your website over others, in a place where your customer base can find it – and you don’t have to pay advertising rates.

If you’re not being found for at least 20 different keywords and phrases, then you need us! Our clients are typically found for 50 to 60 search terms – and some as many as 1,000. You want to be found on page one of Google searches, and not just on page one but near the top. Research shows that today, 75 percent of new business comes from well-optimized websites. Getting you there is our business and our guarantee. Using advanced software, we ensure every page adjusts to the changes Google makes all the time in its ranking criteria.

How SEO Works:

  • Good SEO guarantees that more people who are searching for what you offer will find you quickly – on the first page of Google and other major search engines.
  • Done correctly, optimization creates more visits to your website. People will click on your link instead of the others that are on there.
  • Well-written content helps people understand what you’re all about. Then, it compels people to actually call you or send you a contact request. You take it from there!

Website Marketing for Small Business Owners

We help Alabama businesses of all sizes – contractors, remodeling companies, roofing contractors, landscapers and more – capture a larger market share the right way. That means excellent research, well-written content and carefully built links to your site, among other methods. These elements lead potential customers to you easily and naturally: no intrusive banners and pop-ups!

Want Proof?
SEO Internet Marketing BirminghamWe worked with a roofer in Birmingham who got 1,841 new organic visitors since the beginning of 2012. What he wanted most was roof replacement. And that is what he got directly as a result of our work. A full service tree company was found by more than 3,600 new visitors since early 2012. How many new visitors do you want? We can help you be found, even if no one knows your name.

You will be “found” not only for what your business does but by the geographical area you want to reach. If you are selling, say, copper roofing in Alabama, you don’t want people calling you from Oregon looking for asphalt shingles: that is bad SEO. It wastes time and money, and it is a mistake no business can afford in today’s economy.

Get the Real Deal
You don’t have to worry about SEO when you hire us. We have a highly seasoned team of experts in marketing, web design, content-writing and research. They work together – and they work with you – to help your business get found. When you work with us, your website will reflect your voice, your unique services and the needs of your targeted audience.

Finding Affordable Website Marketing Companies
Many small companies insist they can’t afford SEO services. We think most can. Instead of relying on pay-per-click that may or may not work, we dramatically increase the chances people will be led straight to your website without banners, paid positions and pop-ups. Surveys show 91 percent of people feel that businesses found organically seem more trustworthy.

Compared with $25 per click, doesn’t 25 cents per-site visit sound like a better deal? Isn’t your business worth that investment? That is what we offer. As ethical and experienced SEO professionals, we offer website marketing services in a price range you can afford. If you already have a good website, we’ll show you how to increase your traffic ethically. If you don’t have a web marketing presence, we can create one that gets results.

Website marketing for small companies takes strong SEO knowledge. FrontRunner knows what it takes to drive new business to your website without the expense of pay-per-click advertising. Call us for a no cost or no obligation consultation at: (205) 588-8635.

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